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9998 DURAN DURAN Decadent Durantics, London 1981 2 x CD Set

Condition: New

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This is a very limited edition, promo only release recorded in London at the Hammersmith Odeon, 9th July 1981

The album is a recording of Duran Duran's performance at the Hammersmith Odeon, a 5,039 capacity venue located at 45 Queen Caroline Street in London. This was the ninth of eleven shows performed in the UK on the tour.

On 29 June 1981, Duran Duran started their Faster Than Light Tour from Brighton, UK. Decadent Durantics was recorded 10 days later.

The album is the oldest complete Duran Duran show available. A double 12" vinyl version was released in the 1980s, which wasn't in soundboard quality.

The recording includes "Tel Aviv", an instrument used as the intro to the show. "Girls on Film" was performed as a Night Version for the encore. There is also an early version of "My Own Way", with different and incomplete lyrics.

"Like An Angel" is a rare live version. Near the end of the show, Duran Duran performed a cover version The Isley Brothers' song "Tell Me It's Just A Rumor Baby", which is listed in the track listing as "Just Got a Groove On".

In 2001, a later CD version was released which featured 16 tracks, arranged in a different order with the addition of "Funtime" and "Mr. Royal" at the end. Originally by Iggy Pop, "Funtime" is a song Duran Duran played at The MENCAP Concert in 1983.

The CDs come in a double jewel case with front and back cover artwork, This album has been digitally mastered, excellent sound quality, screen printed, manufactured promo only CDs and artwork.

CAT. NO. CD-19810709-LOND.



Tel aviv
My own way
Girls on film
Late bar
To the shore
Faster than light
Planet earth

Anyone out there
Like an angel
Friends of mine
Sound of thunder
Careless memories
Just got a groove on
Planet earth (night version)
Girls on film (night version)



This is in very near mint condition 

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