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DURAN DURAN 1997 Medazzaland Album Rare USA CD

Condition: Used

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Rare and original USA issue CD comes with colour booklet and back insert.

Once upon a time, a group of five genetically gifted young men from Birmingham, England, armed with cases of cosmetics and some white sports jackets, set out to conquer the world.

Pushing a planet full of teenage girls dangerously close to cardiac arrest, they created some memorable pop classics. While nearly all of their contemporaries have gone the way of the dodo, Duran Duran has stayed put. Their 1997 album, MEDAZZALAND, finds only vocalist Simon LeBon and keyboardist Nick Rhodes remaining from the original lineup, alongside former Missing Person Warren Cuccurullo.

MEDAZZALAND's title track opens with a storm of wild keyboards, effect-laden guitars, and an icy, spoken-word reading by Nick. The whirring electronics and danceable rhythm track of "Electric Barbarella," provide an update on the band's classic formula. On "Who Do You Think You Are?" this update process involves an anthemic refrain worthy of Oasis. Guitarist Cuccurullo provides a backdrop of aggressive, stunningly varied accompaniment, snaking in and out of the ever-interesting keyboard work of founding member Nick Rhodes.

CAT. NO. 7243 8 33876 2 5.




Big bang generation

Electric Barbarella

Out of my mind

Who do you think you are?

Silva halo

Be my icon

Buried in the sand

Michael you've got a lot to answer for

Midnight sun

So long suicide

Undergoing treatment



The CD is used and has surface marks but plays perfectly, case and inserts are in excellent condition 

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