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Power Station

Power Station the supergroup formed in 1984 during a break from DD, it was made up of vocalist Robert Palmer; bass guitarist John Taylor and guitarist Andy Taylor of Duran Duran and former Chic percussionist Tony Thompson. Bernard Edwards, also of Chic, was involved in the studio as recording producer. For a short while he was also Power Station's manager. The band was formed in New York, USA late in 1984. Power Station was named after The Power Station recording studio where their album was conceived and produced.

Power Station reunited ten years later with its original members, including Robert Palmer. However, personal issues forced bassist John Taylor to leave the project before the album was complete. Bernard Edwards (former Chic bass guitarist) stepped in and completed the album Living In Fear (1996) and was prepared to tour with the group, but then he suddenly died of pneumonia during a trip to Japan. The band decided to press on, and toured first with bassist Guy Pratt and then Manny Yanes and second guitarist Luke Morley instead, to moderate success. The group disbanded not long after.