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Simon Le Bon Solo

Simon Le Bon (full name, Simon John Charles Le Bon was born on 27 October 1958) is the vocalist and lyric writer of Duran Duran and the Duran side-project Arcadia as well as many various solo works.

After the departure of original lead singer Stephen "Tin Tin" Duffy in 1979, convinced they were not going anywhere. The Durans went through a lengthy succession of lineup changes after Duffy's departure all they needed was a charismatic singer with a distinctive voice.

Simon Le Bon's ex-girlfriend, Fiona Kemp (who worked at the famous Rum Runner club where Duran Duran were rehearsing), introduced him to duranduran in May 1980, recommending him as a potential lead singer. As band legend has it, he turned up for the audition wearing pink leopard print trousers, and carrying a notebook containing a huge collection of poems he had penned - all of which would later become songs on the early Duran Duran records. After listening to the songs the band had already composed together, Simon spent some time fitting one of his works ("Sound of Thunder") to one of the instrumental tracks, and found they were a good match. Simon agreed to "try [Duran Duran] out for the summer"; within 6 weeks DD were playing steadily around Birmingham and London, and a nationwide UK tour supporting Hazel O'Connor led to a deal with EMI Records late in 1980.